When talking to CIO’s from larger enterprises you often hear they only trust private cloud. Frankly, many don’t really know how to address public clouds beyond development & testing. They do not dare to take the risk to put any valuable information out there, although many realize that some of their business colleagues have probably already exposed enterprise information in the public cloud without their knowledge. So, they are left with a challenge. How can they do what is right for the company, protecting its key assets while building an environment allowing them to respond to the ever more pressing needs from the business.

What is the Converged Cloud?

What companies are looking for is a way to position the right application on the right cloud platform to minimize costs while reducing risks, while providing the business users with an easy access regardless of where the service is actually provided from. This calls for an integrated environment providing access to services as disparate as private, managed and public clouds. HP is proposing to address these requirements through the HP Converged Cloud. It’s the industry’s first strategy and portfolio based on a single architecture that enables enterprises (often IT departments) to build, manage and secure hybrid environments.

Reading this, your question is probably: “what does this mean in reality and how could such thing work?” Well, take a moment to look at “Converged Cloud, the right source for the right task”. That blog entry shows through a couple examples what HP is trying to achieve and how it could help you address your needs.

Converged cloud principles

HP Converged Cloud focuses on three key principles, unparalleled choice, confidence in the solution and a consistent framework.

  • Unparalleled choice allowing private, managed and public clouds to be integrated with traditional IT, allowing open, heterogeneous environments across multiple operating systems, hypervisors, development environments and extensible to partner ecosystems
  • Confidence in the solution through management, automation and orchestration across the models
  • Consistent framework through a single architecture and user experience

I’ll talk more about the products & services announced in support of HP’s Converged Cloud in my next blog entry. HP’s cloud vision is based on a concept of infrastructure anywhere, applications anywhere and information anywhere, creating a service anywhere environment