Monday hit the trifecta for conferences: HP Discover kicked off in Las Vegas. Apple announced iCloud on home turf in San Franciso And the gaming world was abuzz on E3 eve (E3 kicks officially kicks off tomorrow in LA).

I followed the live tweets out of the Apple announcement and watched the live video broadcast from HP Discover for which the Eco-POD was the day’s highlight. Yes, that’s POD, not Pad. 

If the “POD (Performance Optimized Data)” as HP calls on its web site and Eco POD in the presentation at HP Discover lives up to its promise, here’s how it will advance the “traditional” data center: deploy up to 88% faster for as little as the quarter of the cost. And it will consume 95% less energy. It support the HP’s notion of converged infrastructure.

Whew! Wow! Almost unbelievable. HP says It supports up to 7,000 servers and 24,000 large form factor drives. The unit resembles a data center in a 10,000 sq. foot suitcase…like something the Army would drop into Baghdad for an instant and huge data center!    

Even if half the bold claims made by HP are true, Eco Pod could really be something. Check out the data sheet for yourself.  

At this writing, there are 1,754 stories about iCloud on Google News and 918 on E3 so i can’t seem myself adding much to those topics. The big news on E3 eve was live TV coming to the Xbox this fall. My guess is of the three, CIOs would be most interested in the Eco-POD, but that’s just me-:)

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