It’s not often I use a quote as a headline, but this one in a column by CIO Magazine editor-in-chief MaryFran Johnson grabbed me. Rather, it struck me full force. 

The words are from a CIO, who followed up: “It’s not even part of the conversation anymore. IT and the business are in this together. Period.”

This particular CIO said this at CIO Perspectives Forum, a conference in New York where others of their ilk in the room nodded in agreement, according to Johnson’s column.

Can you see where this is going?

CIOs are moving beyond the notion of aligning IT with the business. Now, they are part the business as opposed to externalized. Aligning IT with the business suggests that IT is out of aligment and marginalized. If you have to align IT with the business, there’s a problem.

After all, you don’t align finance with the business, do you?  

It’s a put down, too. As Johnson points out, alignment also means “order taking and playing catch-up with business strategies that were thought up in boardrooms where no CIO was present.”

CIO Magazine just published a cover story on the topic: “IT Value is Dead: Long Live Business Value”  

Is this view overly optimistic and assume more progress has been made than actually has? And why did IT and the C suite take so long to embrace business value?

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