Social media has taken the web world by storm. It has completely revolutionized the ways communication used to take place even a decade ago. According to a recent study conducted by Edison Research on social media behaviors of modern users 58 million Americans are hooked to social media sites and use them on daily basis. This has risen to 22% against 18% in 2011. So, one can easily assume the potential of social media in shaping future economy. People now rely more on social sites to learn about events and influenced more than ever by their peers. As a result, social media now play a significant role in forming public opinion.

Why businesses need social media

You should be there where your customers are. And, they are flocking in social media sites. The growing influence of social media has made it imperative for businesses to learn about the social behavior of their customers. Social media mentions can provide useful insight on customer experience, product performance and brand positioning and management. The platform can further be used in promoting products and offers.

Social sites can further be used for conducting market researches, gathering customer details, identifying target groups and optimizing promotional campaigns.

A study conducted by NM Incite has identified that 89% of social media users access the sites to interact with friends where as a significant 66% search them to learn about products and services. So, one can’t deny the importance of being visible on social sites to keep customers engaged.  

Companies can also benefit from using the social platform for making announcements about new product launch and exciting deals. You are likely to achieve greater success by going viral on social sites than using conventional media for advertisement.

Why you should integrate social media to CRM

Social media continuously generate hoards of information so that it becomes difficult for enterprises to monitor them. As a result, an increasing number of CRM developing companies are now offering social media integration with their CRM. CRM customization allows your social media accounts to be linked and managed through your customer relationship management software. It helps businesses in devising business strategy using the insight gained from social sites. The benefits offered by SCRM or social CRM are:

  • Improved peer-to-peer interaction in offering customer support
  • Market feedback research
  • Idea management
  • Brand positioning and promotion
  • Product launching

CRM helps businesses in streamlining operation and improve customer dealing. Integration of social media to it has further enforced its usefulness in helping businesses to connect and serve their customers better.

According to market research by Gartner, social CRM is showing robust growth trends and its revenue earning grew by 30% in 2011. The major portion of this demand (90% of total demand for SCRM) is generating from business to consumer companies and the rest from business to business operations.

The coming years will see more integration of social media to customer management platform. The integration procedure depends upon the social media maturity level of your organization with companies at the initial stage needing more comprehensive social media plans.