In certain parts of the world it’s the time of the year when we give and share gifts, celebrate a sense of well-being and acknowledge what we have in our lives. Then we get ready for a whole new year.  Like the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” when enterprises can take a step back, acknowledge what IT has done over the years, and say three simple words: Thank you, IT.

But that is easier said than done. Who exactly do you thank? Let the roll call begin:

CXO.  Enterprises must thank the executive leadership for:

Strategist.  Enterprises must thank strategic thinkers for:

Architect.  Enterprises must thank architects for:

Business Analyst.  Enterprises must thank the business analysts for working with the user community to define the business process models that reflect the requirements of the solution, and then tracing them across the development process to ensure that they are properly realized.

Developer.  Enterprises must thank the development teams for:

  • Designing solutions that are in alignment with the requirements while being effective at Agile Development

  • Writing, and unit testing, source code — ensuring the code components they test are in alignment with the overall quality strategy for the solution.

Tester.  Enterprises must thank the testers for:

Operator.  Enterprise must thank the system administrators and operators for using a standardized environment for monitoring applications with a cohesive suite of tools across physical and virtual resources. (I also thank them for dealing appropriately with the personalities of the individual applications.)

Project Manager.  Enterprises must thank the project managers for ensuring the right resources are in place for the timely and effective delivery of a quality solution that is under-budget. 

A skeptic would look at thanking IT as being idealistic in an imperfect world.  But the fact still remains—IT has overcome several bumps on the road. By recognizing the times when IT did the right things for the right reasons, it’s time for us to be thankful to everyone who makes it possible.

What about you?  Can you think of other reasons to be thankful to IT?  What are the scenarios where you have seen IT do things right?  Please let me know.

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