Whether I am posting blogs, using my smartphone, exploring Facebook, or simply searching on the web, I have found that it’s the ease of use and ‘friendly’ user interfaces of these tools that has me hooked and allows me to be fairly proficient.   Over the holiday break, I started thinking:  “What if this type of consumer-inspired application interface was available for your data center management tools?”   And then I started thinking: “What a great blog topic to kick-off the New Year.  If this sounds like wishful thinking to you, let me share a recent post by Brad Kirby on a collaborative approach to converged management and consumer inspired user experience.   

After reading this post, it became all too clear that as our customer’s accelerate their converged infrastructure initiatives, collaboration must be designed into the next generation of enterprise-level products and solutions – delivering the level of collaboration found in tools like Facebook and LInkedIn.   It’s about creating a better user experiences through a ‘designed-in’ approach.    

I believe there are 3 functional areas required to deliver a consumer inspired user experience and collaboration:
1. A dashboard that lets you visualize with one click the datacenter
2. A view or map that shows resources, relationships and dependencies for aid in proactive planning and troubleshooting
3. Easy search – just like google – instantly find exactly what you are looking for – imagine using google like capabilities to search for all enclosures of a certain model, or all storage that has certain characteristics — no more search and discover and then search some more and hope you found all those devices you needed

Think how often you and your IT teams need to collaborate and provide governance.   It is really difficult today.   Information is often embedded in excel spreadsheets or on post-it notes or email threads (or in the worst case scenario—in all three).  What if you had a news feed on items you care about (based on your filters/attributes)?   I am convinced, this type of capability would really help … and make everything so much simpler.

With the growth in big data, cloud, and mobility—-our customers have told us they need datacenter tools that help them work faster and smarter without complexity.   A tool that has collaboration, easy search, and one click visualization is just that  type of tool that will really make a big difference.

As I talked to many customers at HP Discover in Barcelona recently, the excitement about these capabilities was evident.   I invite you to take a few minutes and see how HP OneView can deliver this type of collaboration and user experience for your data center.