I posted an article for a colleague, Leslie Falk, last week, Managed Print Services from a holistic viewpoint, and this week we’ll continue the discussion.  Leslie left off with the question of whether it really matters if you look at your printing environment from a holistic viewpoint.  Here’s her answer:

IDC calculated that organizations could save up to 25%- while increasing productivity and stakeholder satisfaction by managing office and printing holistically. 

How can you help to realize these savings?  IDC proffers recommendations that stand on three key tenants in their Analyst Executive Summary, New Frontiers for Document Solutions: Managed Production Print Services :

1) Take a holistic, cross-enterprise approach to MPS in order to gain savings, productivity, and efficiencies.

2)  Grasp and wield emerging technologies with gusto: paper-to-electronic content transition, cloud and Web-enabled technology, mobility and digital printing, to name the highlights.

3) Find a solid partner to help you, one that has cross-enterprise know-how and a track record in executing leading technologies.               

HP offers Managed Enterprise Solutions that can help you take a holistic approach to your printing environment, globally, and across your office and production print. The word, “solutions”, is a word that can mean many things, so let me clarify.  HP offers hardware, software, and services.  HP Labs innovation has produced a fleet of commercial-grade digital printers that achieve 1,000 pages-per-minute, with lower consumables manufacturing cost-per-page, and the same high ink coverage, image quality, and media gamut as the best current commercial presses. They achieve all this, plus a reduced carbon footprint. We also offer HP Managed Print Services, MPS Marketing solutions-such as Exstream,  “Cloud Print” technologies offerings for online print-on-demand services  that are accessible to all users and are strategically located in offsite production and distribution facilities, and HP Document Processing/Imaging and Mailroom services.

Taking a holistic approach to your printing environment can be beneficial and choosing the right partner and technology solutions for your organization, as IDC points out, is critical to achieving your business goals.  Want to find out more?  Register for the IDC Analyst and HP Webcast, Savings, Control and Innovation from the Desktop to the Print Shop. You will learn how to gain visibility and control your printing costs as well as how to help ensure security across your office and production environments.  Special guest speaker IDC executive, Angèle Boyd, will share insights on how to take a holistic approach to MPS and uncover new frontiers for document solutions.  She will also field questions in a post-presentation Q&A.  The webcast will take place on April 19, 2012, 9:00 -10:00 a.m. PT/ 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET.  I plan on joining to learn more about the holistic approach to MPS.  Won’t you join me?

[Cara] – It’s me again — Thanks Leslie for arranging the webcast with IDC on how to take a holistic approach to printing and document solutions.  If anyone is unable to join the live webcast, it will be available for on-demand replay after the event at the same URL above.