I kicked off 2012 with a five part series on security vulnerabilities for imaging and printing environments because I feel that this is a critical, yet often overlooked issue.  IT security is of critical importance to all enterprises, but with so much focus on external cyber security risks I sometimes think that the insider threat to security gets overlooked and along with it, imaging and printing security.


I want to call attention to an excellent post by Leslie Falk, “Industry first in printing security.”  Leslie goes into detail about the industry’s first policy-based compliance solution for imaging and printing devices.  HP’s Imaging and Printing Security Center enables effective monitoring and management to achieve baseline security.  Many routine steps can be automated, streamlining deployment by applying a single policy across your fleet.  It offers a simple, intuitive process making it possible to quickly and easily secure your fleet and thereby increase security across your enterprise.


I encourage you to read Leslie’s blog for more information and to find out how to get a free 60 day trial.


HP also offers managed print services and printing solutions to help you optimize, manage and improve your printing environment.