The top 10 #cloudcomputing tweets this week suggest a lingering hangover from the Sony and Amazon cloud debacles. My favorite is number 5, which explains that Amazon outage was caused by someone shifting traffic from a primary network to a backup.

Metaphorically-speaking, someone pushed the wrong button.

My least favorite tweet is Accenture’s unattributed prediction that the cloud will be a $100 billion market. We’ve heard that before.        

1.       @TheEconomist: The lessons from Sony’s big security lapse and Amazon’s cloud-computing outage  104  retweets

2.       @sciam: Cloud Computing 9 retweets

3.       @forrester: Cloud computing can save you money – but will it? #CIO 5 retweets

4.       @physorg_com: Legal challenges could hold back cloud computing 9 retweets

5.       @sciam: explains recent cloud computing outage that took down Foursquare and Reddit 8 retweets

6.       @gretcurtis: How big is the world of cloud computing? Check out this infographic: #openstack #cloudcomputing 6 retweets

7.       @Accenture: Demand for cloud computing will be $100 billion in four years. Leaders discuss impacts at #GCF11.  17  retweets

8.       @jason_a_w: Žižek: Cloud Computing and the “Corporate Rule of Cyberspace” 5 retweets

9.       @ZDNet: Can you save money with cloud computing?  16 retweets

10.    @davidlinthicum: The case for public-first cloud computing: I’ve previously talked about the move to private cloud computing as c…

As usual, our note on the methodology here: We leverage Topsy to determine the most retweeted (popular) Tweets and then filter through for what we think is the best information for CIOs. What Tweets or posts did you find the most useful this week? 

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