The second most retweeted #cloudcomputing retweet this week is to a @Forbestech must-read post. It examines seven excuses for not measuring cloud computing total cost of ownership and is based on a proposed cloud TCO framework from Saugatuck Research.  TCO should be near and dear to any cloud architect’s heart.  

The headline in our number one retweeted #cloudcomputing tweet also caught my eye. Are there that many cloud data centers in Thailand? I wondered. The headline is a bit misleading. The story this tweet points to is about how floods have shuttered about 1,000 factories in Thailand, many of which make hard drives and PC components. But the story suggests that the demand for cloud computing is so great right now that cloud data centers are sucking up a huge number of hard drives.

What’s your favorite #cloudcomputing retweet this week?  

1) @nytimesbits Thailand Floods Could Affect Cloud Computing (11 retweets)

2) @forbestech 7 Poor Excuses for Not Measuring Cloud Computing Costs (9 retweets)

3) @dataprivacyrisk Future of cloud computing linthicum (by @DavidLinthicum) – #cloudexp #cloud > Great presentation on the cloud! (7 retweets)

4) @zdnet Recession worries? Not for cloud computing (7 retweets)

5) @whiteafrican RT @ajmunn How Cloud Computing Can Boost Developing Nations – Long but interesting read (6 retweets)

6) @itpro Cloud computing: Good for the planet and your wallet (6 retweets)

7)@cioonline Cloud Computing and the Truth About SLAs (6 retweets)

8) @lancegodard The future of cloud computing, from industry insiders: (2 retweets)

9) @guardiantech Cloud computing can cut carbon emissions by half, report finds  (1 retweet)

10) @rww The Eight Things the Simpsons Can Teach You About Cloud Computing

Per usual, our note on the methodology here: We leverage Topsy to determine the most retweeted (popular) Tweets and then filter through for what we think is the best information for CIOs. What were you Tweet favs this week? 

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