Our friends at CloudTweaks have a great summary of our first cloud Twitter chat, which defined the notion of the converged cloud, hence the hastag #convcloud. The post is by analyst Sourya Biswas with CloudTweaks, a cloud resource firm.

The headline says it all: “Waiting for cloud standards is like waiting for Godot,” a tweet from Cara Caruso (@cara_caruso), marketing director at Adaptivity, a cloud migration firm.

The second of six one-hour cloud chats will be at 1:30 EDT Thursday, April 19, asks the question: “How do you formulate a cloud that will manage processes and applications that are distributed across a mix of environments?” To join in, use the hashtag #convcloud.

Also, check out one of the hottest new features at the Enterprise CIO Forum called CIO Question of the Week. These questions attempt to address the toughest challenges faced by CIOs – real CIO questions, real CIO answers. We will post one every two weeks so send in yours to  jdodge@idgenterprise.com.

This week’s question: “Where can I find a true vendor neutral methodology that allows me to understand how my current portfolio will move to the cloud and what delivery models optimize my portfolio delivery?” Click here to respond and scroll down. 

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