The BIG surprise in this week’s top ten cloud computing Tweets is the absence of any good reports on yesterday’s Amazon outage! Yours truly (@thedodgeretort and @ecioforum) blogged and commented on it, generating five Tweets yesterday.  

So I need your help.  Who got it right? Please share in the comments below the best, Twitter, blog, video – any coverage of yesterday’s events!

 1.       @WSJdigits: More Predictions on the Huge Growth of ‘Cloud Computing’  (5 Retweets)

2.        @greenpeaceusa “How Dirty Is Your Data” Report #greennet – Cloud Computing Companies Can Curb Carbon by Cutting Coal (4 Retweets)

3.        @ruv: Reading > Half of US federal agencies will be in the cloud within 12 months, according to our new cloud computing survey   (5 Retweets)

4.       @autom8: “Cloud computing will become the new foundation for corporate information technology — it’s inevitable”   (5 Retweets)

5.       @ZDNetCloud computing market: $241 billion in 2020   (12 Retweets)

6.       @PrivacyLaw: Canada: “Cloud Computing and Privacy FAQ”  (3 Retweets)

7.       @nik: How and why did Amazon get into the cloud computing business? Answer:  (7 Retweets)

8.       @CIOonline: Risk Management in Cloud Computing   (7 Retweets)

9.       @jbernoff: WSJ blog post on Forrester’s cloud computing report:  (4 Retweets)

10.   @DavidLinthicum: IT’s cloud resistance is starting to annoy businesses | Cloud Computing – InfoWorld:   (3 Retweets)

 As usual, our note on the methodology here: We leverage Topsy to determine the most retweeted (popular) tweets and then filter through for what we think is the best information for CIOs.

 What Tweets or posts did you find the most useful this week? Please share in the comments below!  As noted above, we would love to see what you find helpful on the Amazon outage.

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